Reverse Aging Process Naturally – Lifestyle Changes For Better Health

Tips on how to reverse aging process naturally, and 5 lifestyle changes for better health. Read more at

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❤️ KETO – cut out carbs and sugar. Focus on protein and fat.

❤️ IF – 16:8 – Dinner before 8pm, first meal at 12pm

❤️ Exercise – HIIT, weight training, circuit training boost HGH

❤️ Sleep by 10pm to maintain normal BP

❤️ Water – pure steam distilled water + pink salt

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In this video, Lynette Tan talks about how to reverse aging process naturally, and lifestyle changes for better health. She believes it’s possible to make lifestyle changes to improve health! Healthy lifestyle changes and healthy lifestyle routines promote healthy living and she wants you to reverse aging and stay healthy for life!

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